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Frankfurt am Main
Music of the Old City of Frankfurt am Main
Musik der Altstadt von Frankfurt am Main.

Norbi et OrbiOur beloved Norbi et Orbi got carried away one day and decided to sing some traditional Frankfurt songs for you and demonstrate the spoken Frankfurt dialect.  The files (links) are in MP3 and WMA (Windows Media Player) format, and configured to be delivered at 32kbps (stereo) or 16kbps (mono) for streaming MP3 players.  You can download the files by right clicking on the file name and choosing "save as," or you can hear them in streaming audio if you have a compatible software such as RealPlayer 7 or higher (click here to get it--it's free!)  The WMA files will play on Windows Media Player at about 12kbps (we think), but the quality is better as mp3.  

1. Introduction (Norbi introduces himself)
mp3-mono  wma

2. "Frankfurter Gemuetlichkeit"  For those in the know, the German word "Gemuetlichkeit" has no good translation into English, but is readily understood everywhere in the world.  The word "Hospitality" comes to mind, but that's only part of it.  Incorporate into that the ideas of of friendliness, happiness and a healthy dose of good humor, and you understand the meaning of "Gemuetlichkeit."  Or have a fine apple wine with close friends in a situation where you cannot help but to break out in song, and you understand the word, even if you don't know the exact translation.   mp3-mono  wma

3. Handkäs (Handcheese) especially "mit Musik" (with means something other than a song, email me for the answer), a Frankfurt specialty!!  Maybe we can get Norbi to give us the recipe.  This is a very popular concoction of a local Frankfurt cheese with vinegar and onions, and believe it or not, it is quite a treat.  Here, Norbi explains, in pure Frankfurt dialect, but does NOT sing, all the possible versions of this delicacy (best enjoyed with apple wine).   mp3-mono  wma

4. Drausse in Sachsenhause (Out there in Sachsenhausen)  Let's sing to a night in Sachsenhausen!   mp3-mono  wma

5. Fünf Mack,  (mp3-mono  wma)
6.Sachsenhäuser Äbbelwei  
mp3-mono  wma)
Don't ask me to translate all of the spoken word in the dialectical gems of Frankfurt wisdom: "Five Marks" and "Sachsenhausen Apple Wine", just enjoy the song:  

7. Trink mer noch en Schoppe, "Drink another shot." and, well, yes, drink another shot!   mp3-mono  wma

8. Die Fraa Rauscher Oh this is a Frankfurt classic!  Frau Rauscher from the Klappergass'  Everyone from toddlers to Grandparents know it.  Catchy tune, too!  mp3-mono  wma

9. Mer Secht  Okay, another of those dialectical dilemnas!  mp3-mono  wma

10. Dahaam is Dahaam.   The song "Home is Home" is a true Frankfurt classic!   mp3-mono  wma

11. Die Lisbeth von der Graupegass One of our Lisbeth's favorites  mp3-mono  wma

12. Ich Waas e Klaa Häusje am Maa (Ich weiss ein klein Häuschen am Main - for those of you folks who know German but not Frankfurterish) "I Know of a Little House on the Main"  Really sweet song, and known widely throughout Germany!  mp3-mono  wma

13. Mei Frankfurt (My Frankfurt)   mp3-mono  wma

14. Medly: Die Alte Maabrück & Auch in Frankfurt am Main (The Old Main Bridge and Also in Frankfurt am Main)   mp3-mono  wma