Frankfurt am Main
The Ground Crew/Mannschaft

The Baggage crew for the Zeppelin

Tail of the Airship (Friedrichshafen?)
The tail being supported by the railed dolly as it is pulled into the hanger. In the elevator, a man's head is in the porthole as the ship is rolled into the hanger, and a man can be seen standing on the aft portside engine next to the 20 foot long four-bladed prop. Another man is kneeling on the other side, barely visible. On the hull, next to the elevator, the trap door can be seen that released the spider lines to the stop teams below.


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The Airship Hindenburg LZ-129
The Interior
The Tragedy at Lakehurst
LZ-129 Hindenburg
The Airship Graf Zeppelin LZ-127 LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin
LZ-11 Viktoria Louise LZ-11 Viktoria Louise
ILA 1909-International Airship Expo  ILA 1909-Internationale Luftschiff Austellung 
The Zeppelin Hanger Hanger
The Passengers Passagiere
The Crew Mannschaft
Zeppelin under Construction Im Bau
Rebstock Airfield Flugplatz Rebstock
Souvenirs Andenken